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What is Martech?

What is marketing technology (martech)?

Marketing technology, or martech, is software that facilitates and executes marketing activities. Marketers use it to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and measure their efforts. The collection of the tools used by a team or department is called a martech stack. The tools in one’s martech stack are often integrated, or used together, to enhance and optimize the content and creative workflow.

What are the benefits of martech?
While martech might still be a new term to some, marketing technology is definitely not. Marketing teams around the world rely on these tools every day to consistently deliver relevant content to their audience. And that’s just one of the reasons why marketers love their technology. Martech also helps to:

Do more, faster
Save time and streamline workflows using automated tools to do repetitive and time-consuming tasks like pulling data, converting file formats, and finding assets.

Enhance internal communication
Provide a way to communicate openly about things like project status and team goals to improve tracking and give all team members full visibility to progress.

Create smarter content
Make your audience feel like you really get them by using insights and data to understand performance, optimize experiences, and deliver targeted content.

Build better relationships
Strengthen customer and buyer relationships by always knowing the right thing to say with easy access to past conversations, interactions, subscription information, and more.

Be stronger together
The value of each tool is amplified when then all come together to reduce friction in workflows, allowing you to work faster and smarter.


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